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For over 30 years, the Chimney Rock Village Community Development Association has been the organization behind and beside every major improvement and development that has taken shape here. From pocket parks and public bathrooms to trails and trash cleanup, the CDA is the engine behind bringing it all together. 

When street lighting was needed, the CDA helped to facilitate its completion. After devastating floods, the CDA worked with HandMade in America and utilized Federal grants to dig out and bring the Village back.

Whether it's landscaping and visitor signage or representing the voice of businesses in Village projects, the importance of our organization's role in the life and vibrancy of Chimney Rock Village cannot be overstated.

Because the residential population is small, and the municipal budget is limited, the Village can only thrive through the interdependency and collaboration between the CDA, local government, and Village merchants. 

Whether you're a  Village business owner, a long-time visitor, or a resident, supporting the CDA ensures that the Village maintains its distinctive charm and proceeds with smart, measured growth that represents the voice of all Village stakeholders.



Because we understand that the last 18 months have presented various and unexpected challenges for all of our businesses, your CDA Board has held off on billing for 2021 Member Dues. However, we cannot sustain our efforts on your behalf into 2022 and beyond without resuming annual billing. 

Membership dues are on an annual basis and are $125 for a single business, $250 annually for two or more businesses owned. Individuals may support the CDA with a $20 per household membership as well.

Please make your check out to: 
Chimney Rock Village Community Development Association, Inc
P.O. Box 11
Chimney Rock, NC  28720